Lower WOZ

Save money on multiple taxes

In the first eight weeks of the new year you will receive the property tax assessment from your municipality together with the new WOZ value determined. The WOZ value is used as a basis for various taxes and therefore the importance of a correct value is great. A reduction in the WOZ value can save many euros in tax.

Save on:

  • OZB E (Property tax for the owner)
  • OZB E (Property tax for the user)
  • water Authority
  • Income tax (BOX 1)
  • Corporation tax (depreciation as a percentage of the WOZ value)
  • Property tax (BOX 3)

Free reduction of the WOZ value

HouseHunting works closely with Previcus Vastgoed. Previcus is the specialist in the field of property tax valuations and the legal settlement thereof. Every day they help people for free with reducing the WOZ value and saving on taxes.

Free, how is that possible?

If the objection is upheld, the municipality will pay the costs of Previcus. If this is not the case, then this is the risk for Previcus. In both cases it costs you nothing.


The Previcus specialists have the technical appraisal expertise in house to determine the value of your property correctly. In addition, they have access to legal knowledge, which is important when submitting an objection or appeal.

Why Previcus

  • Immediate financial benefit
  • Save money, time and administration
  • National network of appraisers and lawyers
  • Knowledge of all municipal valuation packages
  • Access to your file at all times and insight into the progress of the process
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