Property management

Our property managers are the central point of contact for landlors and residents!

HouseHunting Property Management

Our property managers are the central point of contact for landlords and residents. We completely relieve you from the moment the living space is rented out and during the entire rental period.

Clarity and transparency characterize our method. You have insight into your finances at all times thanks to our system where you can log in 24 hours a day to view the current state of affairs. This way you have a direct view of the payments, any malfunction reports and settlements. We have a third-party money foundation foundation to guarantee rental payments.

HHPM (HouseHunting Property Management) is able to manage your property in various ways. This distinction can be made in the Basic and Basic plus.

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  • Send rental invoices
  • Collecting rents and taking care of additional financial settlement
  • Provide periodic administrative rent settlement
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears
  • Take care of reminders, reminders and possible engagement of bailiff
  • Making payments under the approval of the lessor
  • Taking care of rent increases and related written notifications
  • Carrying out inspections for mutations and drawing up inspection reports
  • Carrying out inspection in the event of complaints
  • Conducting periodic and preventive inspections, if required, handling fault reports
  • Issue maintenance proposals
  • Requesting quotes, providing and checking maintenance instructions for checking invoices submitted
  • Concluding and keeping maintenance contracts in line with the market
  • Troubleshooting technical malfunctions
  • Coordinate maintenance orders
  • Processing lease cancellations and calling in a real estate agent on the spot
  • Maintaining relationship landlord / tenant
  • Supervise correct compliance with the rental conditions
  • Identifying market developments and trends with regard to rental prices and market position
  • Managing, guiding and checking promotional activities

Costs of our property management

In short, no more worries, because we do your management! The costs of management depend on the object and the tasks that you want to hand over; in short, custom work.

Are you looking for an investment or do you want to sell? Our brokers have a large network and regularly interesting tips that you will not find at FUNDA.

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Different types of management

HouseHunting is a group of rental agents who have been practicing the profession for more than 15 years. Thanks to this experience and our extensive network, we are able to rent your house within no time. HouseHunting supervises your home and assists you with financial, technical and commercial property management. Contact us today to discuss your options!

Real estate management registration

Via this form you can register for our property management and / or ask any questions.

One of the biggest property management formulas of the Netherlands!

HouseHunting property management offers the investor convenience, security and efficiency. Curious about what HouseHunting can do for you? Watch the video below.

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