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What is Relocation HouseHunting?

For us, relocation means so much more than just finding accommodation. This concerns the entire process from home country to new living environment. Living and working in an environment that suits his or her unique situation. To make this as smooth as possible, we have developed various Relocation Packages. Our work is always tailor-made.

What can we do for you?

No situation is the same and the wishes and requirements of our clients and expats are just as unique. Nevertheless, we have divided our services over a number of packages that your employer can purchase separately or in combination. In special cases we always find a suitable customized solution.

Our relocation packages:

A pleasant stay starts with good accommodation. A home that suits you in a neighborhood where you feel comfortable. And of course at an acceptable distance from your work. As soon as we know what you think is important and which requirements your home must meet, we start looking. 

We have a wide and reliable network so that we always find a home that suits you. In addition, with HouseHunting we also have a range of properties available. As soon as we have found your ideal living space, we protect your rights as a tenant and we ensure a sound lease.

When establishing in the Netherlands, specific regulations for newcomers must be taken into account. We make an inventory in advance for you as a newcomer or as an employer, and also advise you on the most suitable processes. We have the expertise required to correctly complete and implement immigration and employment procedures.

Although we prepare your arrival extensively, our work does not stop with the purchase of this package. We help you with all facets of coming to and settling in the Netherlands. Among other things when entering your car and goods. And if necessary, we ensure that your driver license is converted. 

Once you are in the Netherlands, you can count on us 24 hours a day. During your first period in the Netherlands, we probably still have very regular contact. Which insurances are mandatory or recommended? How does public transportation work? Who is my doctor and when can I go there? These are examples of questions that you may ask yourself in the first period. 

Your contact person at HouseHunting is ready for you. A preparatory visit to the Netherlands is highly recommended. Then you can personally get to know your contact person and you have a first impression of the country. We will then inventory your wishes so that we can optimally prepare your arrival.

There is a lot involved when you come to the Netherlands. In addition to housing and permits, we support e.g. also when organizing a Dutch bank account, required insurance, a doctor, suitable schools for the children or a Dutch driver license. Our service is complete and tailor-made and is aimed at guiding you in an appropriate way. Welcome to the Netherlands!

Have you already considered what is involved when you return home? Many things that we have arranged for you on arrival are also arranged when you leave the Netherlands. Various authorities must be notified of your departure. 

For example, the lease must be canceled, as well as contracts for telephony, internet, gas, water and electricity. We help you to stop, for example, subscriptions to magazines or membership of sports clubs. And of course we will take you back to the airport when all preparations have been made.

Recently added houses for rent:

  • Dahliastraat





    HouseHunting Arnhem

  • Admiraal De Ruijterweg

    Admiraal De Ruijterweg




    HouseHunting Amsterdam

  • Leimuiderdijk





    HouseHunting Schiphol Region

  • Postelse Hoeflaan

    Postelse Hoeflaan




    HouseHunting 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Waterlinie





    HouseHunting Eindhoven

  • Bredaseweg





    HouseHunting Tilburg (for rent)

  • Vrijstraat





    HouseHunting Eindhoven

  • Jan van Gentstraat

    Jan van Gentstraat




    HouseHunting Schiphol Region

  • Wollegras





    HouseHunting Eindhoven

  • Stationsplein





    HouseHunting Enschede


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